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Timed Unison Ability - These are unison abilities where the timing must be perfect in order to pull off the attack.

Automatic Unison Ability - These are unison abilities performed by using the Unique Power of certain items. As long as both party members that are needed are alive and well, and have the necessary skills, when the item is activated, they will perform their Unison Ability.

***NOTE*** Unison Abilities are not restricted to player use only. You will encounter different enemies/bosses who can perform these as well. Take heed.


Unison Skill
If Clopon heals Aramus while he is performing a whirlwind attack, the effects of the heal will be dispersed to any friendly creature within 5 meters of Aramus


Unison Skill

When they use this ability, a link will be formed between them. This will last a duration of 6 seconds times the level of Aramus. So, when Aramus is level 10, it will last 60 seconds.

While they are linked up, Aramus will apply extra lightning damage everytime he hits an enemy. This damage is equal to 3 points times the level of Aramus. So, at level 10, Aramus would deal 30 points of lightning damage.

However, if Clopon takes 30 seconds of damage after they are linked up, the link will break...



Unison Skill

When in combat, the more consectutive hits both participating members land, the more damage will be done. The damage output is like so:

10 hits
5 points of damage
14 hits
10 points of damage
18 hits
15 points of damage
22 hits 20 points of damage
26 hits 25 points of damage
30 hits 30 points of damage
40 hits 40 points of damage
50 hits 50 points of damage
60 hits 100 points of damage
70 hits 150 points of damage
80 hits 200 points of damage
90 hits 250 points of damage
100 hits 300 points of damage
110 hits 350 points of damage
120 hits 400 points of damage
130 hits 450 points of damage

* only hits that will register are ones that alternate between Aramus and the party member. For instance, if Aramus lands a hit, and lands another one, the second one will not register. However, if Aramus lands a hit, then Raina lands a hit, then Aramus lands another hit, those hits *will* register.



Unison Skill

When this is activated, Clopon and Challseus will be launched into the air. At this point, during the next eighteen seconds, a lightning bolt will randomly strike down. When this happens, if it is activated again within six seconds, its holy power will be unleashed.

The holy power will inflict 60 points of damage, per participant. In other words, any enemy near Aramus will take 60 points of damage, and any enemy near Clopon will take 60 points of damage. So, it is possibly to deal 180 points of damage if they are near each other when they perform the skill.



Unison Skill

When they use this skill, any enemy within 10 meters will be damaged with primary fire damage. This damage is equal to 10 points times the level of Aramus. So, at level 10, he would do 100 points of damage.

After the primary damage, every 6 seconds for 30 seconds, secondary fire damage will be applied. This damage is equal to 3 points of damage times the level of Aramus. So, at level 10, the secondary fire damage would equal 30 points.



Unison Skill
When they use this ability, they will damage all enemies within a range of 20 meters of the target will take fire and ice damage equal to 4 times the highest level of one of the users.


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