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To put it simply, the story of The Rose Of Eternity is extremely dense, and full of so much detail that it would be impossible to encapsulate everything into a single module played through one set of eyes.  Hence the design choice to supply the user with different characters who will see the story from their own point of view.  The paths that these heroes take will ultimately intertwine, making for some very interesting plot scenes. 

As of now, you will be able to play though the game with the following 2 characters (more are on the way!!!):
NOTE:  All quests are contained within the one module.  To play the different stories, you simply start the game with the different supplied characters.  Internally, the game will know which story to run.

  Aramus - His quest involves finding who he is, where he came from, and how come he has the strange sword that seems to fit his hand perfectly.  Along the way, he will encounter a woman named Clopon who will help him in his quest.


Challseus - His quest involves taking some pupils of Stramadon through their initial trials (used to determine the skill of the caster).  He however has other plans for himself as he is near a "special" meeting place of the mythical Keeper Of The Rose.


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