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Leonard Bedner aka Challseus

D.O.B.  07/30/80
From: Poughkeepsie, New York
Occupation: Senior Software Engineer at Zingy

I fell in love with video games in 1987 when I first began to play games created for the original Nintendo Entertainment System.  I was 7 years old.  At that age, any game I played I seemed to like.  Contra, Ikari Warriors, Super Mario Bros., Legend Of Zelda, Rad Racer, it didn't matter.  Then, my life changed in 1991.

I was reading my new issue of Ninteno Power when I saw a preview of a game called Final Fantasy 2.  To say the least, the graphics blew me away.  I had just came off of the best Christmas ever, as my Father had just bought me a Super Nintendo, along with 4 games (Actraiser, Gradius 3, Super Mario World, & Final Fight).  When I finally got the game, I almost cried (tears of joy that is). It had everything games in my eyes were missing back then.  An engrossing story, great presentation, stirring music, innovative gameplay elements, and of course, great graphics.

Then, SquareSoft (developer and publisher of Final Fantasy 2) somehow managed to release hit after hit each consecutive year (Final Fantasy Mystic Quest in 1992, Secret Of Mana in 1993, Final Fantasy 3 in 1994, and Chrono Trigger in 1995).  I also call these the "Golden Years".  How I long for these days...

With all the above said, console RPG's are obviously what I was brought up on, especially ones done by SquareSoft.  The only PC RPG's I have played through are Baldur's Gate 1 & 2.  Although very different from console style RPG's, these were the first in a while to remind me of the "Golden Years".  Although it lacked the presentation, the overall world seemed more plausible (if that's even possible).  There was just something about the Forgotten Realms that was appealing. 

The fact that I have the ability to create my own games is the biggest thing to happen to me since the "Golden Years".  Make no mistake...This is not just something I am doing with my free time for the hell of it.  It isn't just a hobby.  This IS my life...It is what I want to do for the rest of it...I take it very seriously, and I hope it shows in my work.  This should look good on my resumes, so I can stop the arduous task of programming cell phone games (how embarrassing:) ).

What I am trying to do with The Rose Of Eternity is fuse the two sub-genres (PC and console) together.  When people play through the campaigns, I don't want them to think that they are playing a great Neverwinter Nights module.  I want them to think they are playing a great RPG....Period.....

So, anyone that is planning to play through it needs to keep all this in mind while playing.  Don't think too much into it, just try to have fun!

Website contents copyright (c) 2006 by Leonard Bedner
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