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On this page, I will talk about how far along Chapter 2 - Cry The Beloved is coming, as well as divulge little tidbits of the story, as well as other innovative ideas I come up with.  



Although it must sound like a cliché, the goal of Chapter 2 - Cry The Beloved is to make a game that is bigger, longer, and better than Chapter 1 - The Coming.  Realistically speaking, The Coming was more of a test to see if the NWN Community at large would welcome a game such as this, with its distinct style and everything.  I am MORE than happy with how The Coming is being received in the community, hence I continue the story, as promised.

STORY WISE, this is where, as they say, the plot thickens...A host of new characters will be introduced to the player (read further down for cast additions), and the story will start to pick off quite rapidly...

Next up is LINEARITY.  Although you had different ways of accomplishing tasks in The Coming, the majority of the module had 1 quest.  Find Challseus, and get to Dematol.  In Cry The Beloved, the game itself will be a lot less linear, in that you start off in a huge city with many quests that you can take on.  Although there will be a couple of main goals, how you get there is up to you.

Next is PARTY MEMBER SPECIFIC CONTENT.  I'm sure I have said it before, but I'll say it again...ALL party members are an integral to the storyline.  That said, there will be many quests and story sequences for Clopon, Challseus, and others that you will meet on your adventure.  A small example is there will be a place where Clopon can learn new summons by defeating them in battle.  Challseus will learn new areas where he can teleport your party, as well as another custom ability that I have in the works...

Then, there are the CUSTOM ITEMS.  As all of you who played The Coming know, custom scripted items are a big part of the module.  This will continue and expand in Cry The Beloved.  

Finally (for now of course), the CUSTOM BATTLE SYSTEM.  In general, I am trying to get to that Infinity Engine complexity, or as close to it as possible.  Battle will remain tactical and plot related.  No 26 level dungeons to be found in the game:)  Finding the weaknesses of enemies through my custom items (i.e. using Illuminate to scare of Dire Wolves & Shinkara Shadows) will continue to be a BIG part of this next chapter.


STORY THUS FAR (That I am willing to divulge that is...) 

The story takes place directly after the events Chapter 1 - The Coming.  For those of you who do not remember, Aramus, Clopon, and Challseus have just reached Dematol - City Of Tears, the capital of Dantiras.  Their immediate intentions are to stay at the inn owned by a friend of Challseus.  Once they get some rest, Aramus and Clopon have plans to take a boat out of Dematol Port that heads to Stramadon.  Little do they know Adelas, magistrate of Dantiras, and brother of Kain has just ordered the Defenders Of Legacy to lockdown Dematol, not allowing anyone to leave, or enter.  There have also been more Defenders Of Legacy soldiers brought into town in order to weed out suspected rebels, led by Lord Montolio, the most respected of Dematolians...

Though the solders are not looking for them per say, they must watch what they do, for if they are caught, Kain and the Ministry Of Justice will surely find out...


Lord Montolio

He is the unofficial leader of the peoples living in Dematol.  Growing up in Lesaria, home of the Defenders Of Legacy, he was one of the 1st to migrate to Dantiras after the Lesarians allowed the Dematolians to leave.  Already a strong figure in the Dematolian community on the island of Lesaria, Lord Montolio's transition to public leader in Dantiras was smooth and easy.  He orchestrated the building of Dematol, and later, Aribine.  He is a a pacifist in the truest sense of the word, but lately, some of his followers have been taken by more radical ideas...

Kira Allendry    

She is the famed singing priestess of Dematol.  It is said that no one except the Keeper Of The Rose has a better voice.  Like Lord Montolio, she arrived in Dantiras shortly after the Lesarians allowed them to leave.  Although being extremely dedicated to her religion, and believing in the Keeper Of The Rose, Kira Allendry, like most Dematolians has been swayed by the ideas of more radical groups...

Auden Sensbane   

Auden is the leader of the Boundary Wardens in Aribine.  It is well known that you can most likely find him training a new batch of cadets daily.

Aloia Sigerthur

Aloia is the sister of Adelas and Kain Sigerthur.  Her beauty is known through the island of Lesaria, as well as Dantiras.  She is the magistrate of the colony directly east of Dantiras, as her brother Adelas is the magistrate of Dantiras.  Although she is the youngest of the siblings, she is often called on by Kain to help in situations when it seems as if Adelas cannot deal with it himself.  What role will she play in the conflict of the Dematolians and Defenders Of Legacy?


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