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Chapter 1 | Chapter 2


**** Version - FULL RELEASE 1.70 7/06/06 ****

Custom portraits are now available for Aramus, Clopon, and the Keeper Of The Rose.

**** Version - FULL RELEASE 1.60 9/25/05 ****


Added many new animations to all of the cut-scenes with the help of Vaei's Additional Animations hakpak. Thanks Vaei!
All custom upgrades (i.e. Illumination Stun Distance) are now saved out to the ROSE_OF_ETERNITY_DB database so they can be used in Rose Of Eternity - Chapter 2 - Cry The Beloved.


The following items/properties can now be upgraded at the blacksmith...

Illumination - # Of Enemies That Can Be Stunned
Illumination - Stun Distance
Illumination - Stun Duration

Rose Of Courage - # Of Enemies That Can Be Elicited
Rose Of Courage - Elicit Distance
Rose Of Courage - Elicit Duration

Left Ring Of Galladoran - Heal - # Of Wolves Iron Needed For These Upgrades Has Decreased

When Clopon reaches Level 5, she will now be able to use an upgraded version of her Aqua Constituent.  If you are one of the few souls that get to this level, drop me an e-mail. I would love to hear how you did it.
Monsters from both North & South Shinkara Forest cannot transition into the town of Aribine anymore.

**** Version - FULL RELEASE 1.51 8/22/05 ****


Challseus will now not level up to level 5 until Aramus reaches level 5.
All Ministry Of Justice Armor is no longer plot.

**** Version - FULL RELEASE 1.50 8/11/05 ****


Implemented more grammar changes by my official editor, Jason Melancon.
All respawn rates have been increased from 10 minutes -> 20 minutes.
Level cap for Clopon & Challseus has been raised to 5. They will also learn new spells.
Conversation loops of NPC's have been fixed to better represent the standard in NWN.
Due to unexpected enemies following fleeing players through transitions into Aribine, all NPC's are now immortal.
Aribine - Red Berry Quest now only needs 35 berries, down from 48. Note that this quest still will not be able to be completed until Rose Of Eternity - Chapter 2 - Cry The Beloved.
Bears near Mathewin should not turn hostile when you spar him now. Please e-mail me if you have any problems with this.

**** Version - FULL RELEASE 1.20 7/18/05 ****


As a follow up to the Challseus quest bug, community member Skeeneyman has found a solution. Turn off shiny water before you start the Challseus quest. Note that this should only affect ATI users. This bug in the driver has been documented, and other module authors, such as Rick Francis with his Eye Of The Beholder have been telling their players to turn off shiny water as well...


When tempering your Sword Of Galladoran or Green Cloak, a higher attribute will overwrite a previous lower one. For example, lets say you temper your Green Cloak with AC + 1. If you later temper it with AC + 3, the AC + 1 will be removed before applying the AC + 3
Implemented about 10% of grammar changes by my unofficial editor, Jason Melancon.

**** Version - FULL RELEASE 1.10 7/14/05 ****


Various updates to website including new section documenting progress of The Rose Of Eternity - Chapter 2 - The Coming.


People who experienced crashing when loading up Challseus' quest should be fine now. Essentially, I had to remove a VFX that was occurring when you ported into the area...
Auden, the captain of the Boundary Wardens in Aribine is now PLOT.
Bug where Boundary Wardens drop arrows has been fixed.
Fixed some grammatical errors, as well as typos.
Auden now has correct portrait.

**** Version - FULL RELEASE 1.00 7/7/05****


There is now an ending movie file (.bik) that is in the main downloadable .rar file. This must be placed into NWN/movies and will play when you complete the game.
Various updates to website


Case where user starts game with a non usable character is now handled correctly. 
All pertinent info is now saved to a database named ROSE_OF_ETERNITY_DB, which will be used in Chapter 2 - Cry The Beloved


The window of opportunity for executing a successful Whirlwind Heal has been upped to 4.5 seconds.
Depending on how you talk to Clopon, she will favor you differently. You can use this to get more information about her.
LAWFUL, CHAOTIC, GOOD, and EVIL alignment points are given out now, depending on how you act. These actions will not go  unnoticed...
More items have been added to the blacksmith's inventory.
More items can now be upgraded at the blacksmith's forge.
More quests have been added.

**** Version - BETA VERSION 0.95 ****


The official "Rose Of Eternity - Chapter 1 - The Coming" trailer has been released. You can view it here.  Also, the movie file,  The_Coming.bik can be downloaded from the same place that you downloaded the module. After you extract it to NWN/movies, it will play when you start up the module for the first time.


Version of module, Rose Of Eternity - Chapter 1 - The Coming(lite).mod, not requiring custom music from 
RoseOfEternityMusicPak_1.rar  is now bundled in Rose Of Eternity - Chapter 1 - The Coming_v1.0.rar.  Please note that there are 2 custom tracks bundled in this file that are NOT optional.


In general, all of Clopon's stats has been increased. She can also cast here main healing spells more times per day.
You can now view all upcoming special abilities (Last Resort, Summoning, Unison Ability, etc.) for each person in your party.
Clopon can now use exotic weapons. 
Raised the chance of the Dazing Whip stunning its target.
When resting, 2 hours will now pass.
When party members level, they will now correctly equip their most optimum weapons.
Raised the chance of wolves dropping wolf hides in South Shinkara Forest.
Defender Of Legacy soldiers are now neutral to all other factions.
Aramus' Green Cloak can now be upgraded.
Illuminate now lasts twice as long.


Added the Defender Of Legacy Priestess. Check Bestiary for more info.
Added a new area, fleshing out Aramus' story (too many spoilers to specify what it is...).
Clopon speaks up a lot more, giving you her opinion on certain situations, increasing her interactivity.


Official website is now LIVE!!!
A walkthrough for the quests of Aramus and Challseus is now available.
A bestiary showing the abilities and fighting strategies of all enemies is now available.
A almanac of all worlds and characters is now available (comes with Main .rar file only).

**** Version - BETA VERSION 0.80 ****

First release!




Website contents copyright (c) 2006 by Leonard Bedner