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Q: When I try to load up the game, I get the following error - Missing Custom Talk Table. What is going on here?!
A:  This game series utilizes the CEP (Community Expansion Pack) .  This adds a lot of custom content, such as new creatures, placeables, and weapon models.  99% of the time, when you get this error, downloading and installing the CEP will solve the issue.

Q: When I try to play the Challseus path of The Coming, the game crashed after the opening cut-scene. Is this a bug?
A:  Yes, it is a bug, but not with my game. Anyone who is using NWN version 1.66 and has an ATI graphics card with the latest drivers will have to turn off "Shiny Water" under the "Video Options" on the main menu in order to play through the Challseus quest. Bioware says this problem should be resolved with NWN version 1.67.

Q: May I use any race or class?
A:  Yes, and no...Essentially, you are provided pre-generated characters in the main download .rar file. These are aramus.bic for the Aramus part of the game, and challseus.bic for the Challseus part of the game. 

However, if you want to slightly deviate from these, it is possible.  For Aramus , the character you create must be a male class that can wield a great sword, and consequently, be named "Aramus".  For Challseus, it must be a male wizard or sorcerer that can use wands, named "Challseus".

Q: Why can't I use my own character?
A:  First and foremost, you should know that this isn't your typical Neverwinter Nights module.  In fact, the only thing this game has in common with other modules is that is was created using the Aurora Toolset. 

Secondly, there are a lot of custom abilities/systems in this game. Everything has been fine tuned, knowing what skills the player will/won't have. 

As a general example, imagine you have a boss fight.  Now, imagine having to optimize that boss fight for all classes/races... Now, imagine only worrying about optimizing the fight for a class or 2.  Look at all of that extra time that can be spent doing other things, such as coming up with custom special attacks for said boss, or other such things.

Lastly, the story for this game has been in development since 1999.  It was developed in mind for a console gaming machine, where RPG usually give you pre-determined characters.  Since the story is so developed at this point, it was a design decision to not change things up to allow Aramus to be, for instance, a female Blackguard. 

There are many other reasons, but these are the main ones.

Q: How close to DnD standards is this game?
A:  Nowhere near close...Not by a long shot...The BEST think you can do when you play this game is to try to imagine you are simply playing an RPG...Period...

I understand the fact that the majority of people playing this game will expect this to be a DnD/Bioware style RPG.  Most modules are.  However, as stated above, this game is truly different.  I don't know anything about DnD, and therefore, this game does not follow the same conventions you may be used to. 

In short, simply try to keep an open mind, and get out the DnD frame of mind.  Imagine you simply went out to the store and bought some commercial RPG that wasn't made by Bioware.



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