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Aramus Walkthrough - Chapter 1 | Challseus Walkthrough - Chapter 1
Aramus Walkthrough - Chapter 2



***NOTE*** You can talk to Clopon and inquire certain things about her.  At first, she will not be willing to give up much information.  If she begins to favor you however, she will begin to open up more.  There are 2 instances where you can get her to favor you more, which will be listed in this walkthrough.

***NOTE***  There will be different instances where you can shift your alignment (GOOD, EVIL, LAWFUL, & CHAOTIC).  When Aramus goes to the Realm Of Dreams, he will encounter his conscience, who will give you different items/advice depending on your alignment.  More will be explained further in this walkthrough.

Section 1 - Who Am I?

Aribine - The Patson's Inn Downstairs

Talk to the cook in the kitchen. Ask her to get something to eat, and tell her you you will wait.  After you watch the breakfast cut-scene, you will get a notice telling you that the cook favors you. 

Talk to the cook after she favors you, and you will receive the quest, Aribine - Meat Delivery.


To begin to complete the quest, Aribine - Meat Delivery, find the farmer named Kente located by a farm in the northwest part of town. Once he has given you the meat, you must return it to the cook in the Inn to collect your award (100 XP), as well as a 5 point GOOD Alignment Shift

After you finish that quest, you will get the Aribine - Red Berry Jam quest.

At the north part of town, there is a chicken coop with 2 children. When you talk to the little girl, she will give you the Aribine - Where Are Those Chickens?. They can be found at the following locations...

i) Behind Kente Helenesan's house. (north part of town)
ii) Behind Kala Siger's house, near the windmill. (west part of town)
iii) Behind the Mayor's house. (middle of town)
iv) Behind Toman Ashby. (southwest part of town, on the hill)
v) Near the South bridge leading out of town. (southeast part of town)

Once you have found all of the chickens, return to the pen, and receive your reward (50 XP), as well as a 5 point GOOD Alignment Shift.

If you talk to the farmer Kente at the northwest part of town, he will give you the quest, Aribine - A Boy With Better Things To Do. His son can be found hiding behind the barracks at the northeast part of town. Once you talk to him, you can...

i) Accept a bribe from him (Tonic Of Rebirth) by not telling his father. He will also favor you after this.  You will however incur a 15 point CHAOTIC alignment shift.
ii) Do not accept this bribe, which will result in him "favoring" you less. Return to tell his father, and receive your reward (100 XP).  You will also incur a 15 point LAWFUL alignment shift, as well as a 5 point GOOD Alignment Shift.

Talk to the captain of the Boundary Wardens (Auden), by the barracks at the northeast part of town.  He will give you the Aribine - Burrowing Beetles quest. You can find burrowing beetles to kill in the Misty Grove. The entrance can be found at the northeast part of town.

Once you have completed that quest, talk to Auden again to receive your reward (100 GP or 100 XP or Tonic Of Rebirth). You will also  receive a Boundary Warden insignia that will get you discounts from all Dematolian merchants (you can use this with the blacksmith). Auden will then give you the Aribine - The Defeat Of The Worgs quest.

You will see Elinee planting seeds in the middle of town, west of the barracks. She will give you the Aribine - The Lazy Farmer quest. Go talk to her sister (Doria), who lives south of the Mayor's house.  You will either....

i) Get the seeds from her through either persuade, or bluff.
ii) Fail to get the seeds.

If you get the seeds, give them to Elinee, who will give you your award (100 XP). She will also favor you after this. If you could not get the seeds, you will receive a lesser award (50 XP), as well as a 5 point GOOD Alignment Shift.

A man named Toman Ashby can be found in the southwest part of town, praying on the top of a hill. Talk to him, and he will give you the Aribine - A Hungry Man quest.

Talk to his wife (Nanika Ashby), who can be found at the bottom of the hill, and to the east. She will give you some fish for her husband, and request that you ask her husband to come down from the hill via the Aribine - An Old Woman's Wish quest.

Return to Toman, and give him the fish. He will give you 100 XP, as well as a 5 point GOOD Alignment Shift. If you took on the quest to help his wife convince him to come down, you will be given 3 choices of things to say.

i) Agree with him that it is okay for him to be up there. (Toman favors you)
ii) Agree with his wife that he should come down. (Nanika favors you when you go back and tell her)
iii) Agree with both, and come up with a compromise. (Toman favors you, as well as a 5 point GOOD Alignment Shift, and Nanika will when you go back and tell her)

To the east of the mayor's house, you will notice a handyman working on a wagon. Talk to him, and he will give you the Aribine - New Hammer quest.

Directly north of the Aribine Inn, you will find the blacksmith. Once inside, talk to him, and you will get the "Aribine - Wolves Iron" quest.  You will also be able buy a small selection of Boundary Warden weapons.  If Clopon is with you while you are attempting to purchase goods, she will begin to lecture you on how to spend your money.  You can:

i)  Agree with her (Clopon favors you)
ii) Disagree with her (Clopon favors you less)

Doria Klennard, who lives directly south of the Mayor will give you the Aribine - Creature Skins quest.  Red beetle skins can be found in the Misty Grove, to the north, while Wolf skins can be found in South Shinkara Forest, to the south of Aribine.

The south guards will tell you that you cannot leave Aribine from the north until the patrol of Boundary Wardens return. After deciding to go look for them, you will receive the Aribine - Missing Brother quest from one of the guards.

If you go into the Halenesan's house with Clopon and attempt to open the chest between the 2 little kid's beds, she will attempt to stop you.  You can either:

i)  Agree with her and not take anything (Clopon favors you)
ii) Disagree with her, and take the 100 GP from chest (Clopon favors you less and EVIL Alignment Shift)

Section 2 - The Search For The Boundary Wardens

South Shinkara Forest

Any wolf killed will respawn after 10 minutes after it's death.

As soon as you enter the forest, you will notice a red berry bush. Keep an eye out for these, as they will be found in the most unlikely of spots.  If you have taken on the Aribine - Red Berry Jam, you will find the berries you need on these bushes.

Along the road, you will notice a sign that says Beware of the Shinkara Dire Wolf. Heed this sign, and do not try to take the Shinkara Dire wolf, or the Shinkara Worgs on.

When you find the missing Boundary Wardens, you will be attacked by goblins. Though there are 8 of them, they should be able to be killed without any problem.

You will receive the ability Illuminate after you defeat the goblins. 

You will be able to get 1 point LAWFUL Alignment Shifts by burying the corpses of the Boundary Wardens.

A Magic Mushroom will appear near the bridge after you defeat the goblins. When used, it will cast barkskin on you, but will not be usable again for 10 minutes.

If you so choose, you can attempt to finish the Aribine - The Defeat Of The Worgs quest by killing 10 Shinkara Worgs. Be warned however that they are quite difficult, and the respawn time for them is 10 minutes.  ***NOTE*** You will be able to come back here when you are stronger, so you don't have to waste your time trying to kill them all.

Now that you have Illuminate, you should be able to take on the Shinkara Dire Wolf, and the Shinkara Worgs guarding it. When you use Illuminate, the Shinkara Dire Wolf will flee from it. Use this opportunity to get the Wolves Iron it was guarding, so you can finish the Aribine - Wolves Iron quest.

Section 3 - The Return To Aribine


When you return to Aribine after finding the missing Boundary Wardens, you will discover that the Ministry Of Justice are in town looking for you.

Talk to the guard who gave you the Aribine - Missing Brother quest. After telling him of his brother's death, tell his Father (Kente). You will receive 50 XP from the brother, and 50 XP from Kente, as well as 3 point GOOD Alignment Shifts from both of them.

Fight and kill any soldier, and you can loot their armor. With this armor on, you are free to walk around town without any other guards recognizing you.

Take this opportunity to talk to every towns person who favors you. This would be...

i) Elinee Klennard - Reward will be various Boundary Warden items, and some tonics.
ii) Fram Helenesan - Reward will be a Boundary Warden belt.
iii) Nanika Ashby - Reward will be a Fleetness Tonic.
iv) Toman Ashby - Reward will be a pair of Aribine Leather Boots.

Go back to the blacksmith's to give him the Wolves Iron.  He will now be able to do the following upgrades:

Sword Of Galladoran - Attack Bonus 1 (1 piece of wolves iron)
                                  - Attack Bonus 2 (3 pieces of wolves iron)
                                  - Attack Bonus 3 (5 pieces of wolves iron)

                                  - Damage Bonus 1 (1 piece of wolves iron)
                                  - Damage Bonus 2 (3 pieces of wolves iron
                                  - Damage Bonus 3 (5 pieces of wolves iron)

Green Cloak - AC Bonus 1 (1 piece of wolves iron)
                       - AC Bonus 2 (3 pieces of wolves iron)
                       - AC Bonus 3 (5 pieces of wolves iron)

Left Ring Of Galladoran - Cast Bless (1 piece of wolves iron and LVL 1 Cleric present)

                                       - Cast Cure Minor Wounds (1 piece of wolves iron and LVL 1 Cleric present)
                                       - Cast Cure Light Wounds (3 pieces of wolves iron and LVL 1 Cleric present)
                                       - Cast Cure Moderate Wounds (5 pieces of wolves iron and LVL 1 Cleric present)
                                       - Cast Cure Serious Wounds (7 pieces of wolves iron and LVL 1 Cleric present)
                                       - Cast Cure Critical Wounds (10 pieces of wolves iron and LVL 1 Cleric present)

Aribine - The Patson's Inn Downstairs

You will find the Inn has been taken over by Ministry Of Justice soldiers. If you go upstairs, you will find some more guarding a treasure chest. You will have a chance to either persuade, bluff, or intimidate them to give you the contents in the chest. If not, you will have to fight for it. Once you have down this, you will receive the Left Ring Of Galladoran.  This can also be upgraded at the blacksmith, but you have to have Clopon in your party.  (More explained below).

Aribine - The Siger's House

If you walk past the Kala Siger's house, you will hear a woman scream.  If you go investigate inside, you will find a Ministry Of Justice soldier attempting to rape her.  If you don't have the Ministry Of Justice Armor on, the soldier will just attack you, and when you win, Kala will give you a Buyer's License, as well as a 15 point LAWFUL Alignment Shift.

If you do have the armor on, the soldier will attempt to bribe you with gold to simply walk away.  If you take the gold, you will get a 15 point CHAOTIC Alignment Shift

Section 4 - Escape From Aribine

North Shinkara Forest

IMPORTANT!!!  At this point, you can go back to Aribine to upgrade the Left Ring Of Galladoran at the blacksmith, since Clopon will be with you.  You must REMEMBER that the soldiers were alerted to the fact that Aramus could possibly try to impersonate them, so they will see through your Ministry Of Justice disguise if you are using it.  

There is a Magic Mushroom to be found in the southwest part of the forest.

If you enter the Boundary, which is essentially any foggy area, you will have to deal with the Shinkara Shadows.  These creatures are very strong, but will flee the light of Illuminate

You will have to enter the east boundary in order to get a key needed to open a bridge door located in the north part of the forest.  You can also find a red berry bush near the left set of ruins in the east boundary.

Shinkara Forest Clearing & Realm Of Dreams

Once you enter the clearing, Clopon will state that she is tired and wants to take a rest.  Once you go to sleep, Aramus will have a dream in which he goes to a place called the Realm Of Dreams.  While here, he will converse with his conscience, a being representing power, a being representing fear, and the mythical Keeper Of The Rose.

When you talk to your conscience, depending on your Alignment, you will receive different items.

i)   GOOD Alignment gets you a Tonic Of Rebirth, Fleetness Tonic, & a Heavy Tonic Of Robustness
ii)  LAWFUL Alignment gets you a Gem Of Law (Used Exclusively in Chapter 2 - Cry The Beloved)
iii) CHAOTIC Alignment gets you a Gem Of Chaos (Used Exclusively in Chapter 2 - Cry The Beloved)

When you talk to the being representing power, if you at least level 3 or higher, you will receive a Gem Of Power (Used Exclusively in Chapter 2 - Cry The Beloved)

After returning to the clearing, you can find Challseus' house on the north east part of the map.  You can also find 3 red berry bushes, 1 in plain view, 2 others behind Challseus' house.

Challseus' House

Once you reach Challseus' house, after talking for a bit, you will be attacked by more Ministry Of Justice soldiers that tracked you there. Some tips are...

i) Do not try to take on Oracine first. Try to take out his guards.
ii) Watch out for his whip, as it has a chance to stun you.
iii) Oracine has the ability to use 2 Last Resorts (Flurry Attack and Protection Of The Roses).

After the battle, be sure to take the contents of the treasure chest. In it, you will find a Stramadonian Amulet Of Healing (Clopon can use), and more importantly, the Bracers Of Galladoran. With these, you can perform whirlwind attacks. Even better, if Clopon heals you while performing a whirlwind attack, a Unison Ability (Whirlwind Heal) will be performed.  Also, the body of Oracine has the Dazing Whip and Ministry Of Justice Lieutenant Armor on it.

Section 5 - The Road To Dematol

Shinkara Fields

You will be told by Challseus that he wants you to go to his friend's (Mathewin Daloner) house before entering Dematol.  At this point, if you enter Dematol, the campaign will end.

In the east part of the fields, there are grazing antelope. If you kill them, they will drop antelope meat (used for another quest).

In the north part of the fields, by the entrance to Dematol, there are 3 traders attempting to gain access into Dematol, but are blocked by Defenders Of Legacy soldiers. AVOID this section for now.

In the west part of the fields, the entrance to the Shinkara Fields - Coastline can be found, which will lead to Mathewin Daloner.

Shinkara Fields - Coastline

Near the coast, you will find a merchant. He will give you the Shinkara Coastline - Cured Antelope quest. The antelope can be found in the east part of Shinkara Fields.

A red berry bush can be found behind the merchant by some tress.

In the south part of the area, you will find the entrance to Mathewin's Domain.

Mathewin's Domain

After talking with Mathewin, Challseus will gain a Teleporting ability.

Aramus can spar with Mathewin, and if he gets his HP down below 75%, he will earn 1000 GP.

Aramus and Clopon will be able to practice their Whirlwind heal Unison ability when talking with Mathewin.

***IMPORTANT*** Now that Challseus can teleport, you can go back to South Shinkara Forest, and try to kill more Worgs, if you have not already finished the Aribine - The Defeat Of The Worgs quest.

Back To South Shinkara Forest And Aribine

You can now more easily take on Worgs, as well as the Pack Leader, which has 4 pieces of wolves iron on it.

With the newly acquired wolves iron, you can now do more upgrading at the blacksmith.

Shinkara Fields

To enter Dematol, you can do a number of things...

i) Talk to the guards and...

    a) Persuade them
    b) Bluff them
    c) Intimidate them
    d) If you still have some Ministry Of Justice armor, you can impersonate
    e) Attack them

ii) Talk to the traders and...

    a) Agree to team up with them and take on the Defender Of Legacy soldiers.
    b) Attack the traders, and then deal with the guards yourself.


After watching the ending cut-scene, all quests that couldn't be finished will be saved to a database, and your character will be saved to the local vault

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