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Aramus Walkthrough - Chapter 1 | Challseus Walkthrough - Chapter 1
Aramus Walkthrough - Chapter 2



Section 1 - Elloquince - My Apprentices...


At the north part of the area, you will run into a girl name Lenina who is being attacked by wolves.

After she joins your party, you will notice a trail of blood. Follow it, and you will find a dead body
with a key on it. 

Use the key to enter the cabin near the dead body. Once inside, you will find some items, notably, a 
Stramadonian Amulet Of Aura Healing, which Lenina can use. You will also receive an Orb Of Detection.

You will need to find 3 keys in order to get to the entrance to the Dungeon Of Trials. They can be 
found at the following locations...

i) Use the Orb Of Detection at a hollowed out tree trunk to find the location of the 1st key.
ii) Use the Orb Of Detection at the skeletal remains near the beginning of the area to find the location
of the 2nd key.
iii) Defeat 7 Ice Constituents to get the 3rd key.

You will have to fight off 4 more spawned Ice Constituents before you can gain access to the trials.

Dungeon Of Trials

To open the first door, you must switch every lever, in alternating order.

You will come to a portal that states you must use the power of Antipode to enter. You will come back
to this later.

You will come to a fire room. Explicitly tell your party members to hold their ground, while you go
in yourself. Since Challseus' robe has a 90% immunity to fire, he will be able to stand the heat longer
than anyone else in the party. In this fire room, you will encounter 3 querying gyres

i) Answer 1 = Dantiras
ii) Answer 2 = 28
iii) Answer 3 = Ashan

Once you have answered all of the questions correctly, the fire will stop, and a treasure chest containing
a key and a Ring Of Absorbtion will appear.  A key will also be found within the treasure chest.

You will come to a Trial Gyre which will have you try to defeat a certain amount of mucks within a certain
allotted time. Some tips are...

i) Try to stay close to Lenin and Lenina as they both will have Aura's that will make the battle easier.
ii) Put the Ring Of Absorbtion on Lenin, as he is the weakest of the group.
iii) If you find that Lenin and Lenina are dying, put some Tonics Of Rebirth in their inventory, and explicitly
set on them via conversation the option to automatically use them when they die.

Once you have finished this task, a treasure chest will appear that holds a Gem Of Antipode, which can be used
to unleash Lenin and Lenina's Unison Ability, Antipode.

Now that you have the power of Antipode, you can use this on the portal to enter.

After you go through the portal, you will have to fight the boss of that level of the trials, called a Stodgy
Muck. Some important things to remember are...

i) Be ready for a long battle, as it has over 400 hit points.
ii) At certain points in the battle, as it takes more and more damage, it will spawn Average Diverging Mucks.
iii) DON'T FORGET TO USE THE POWER OF ANTIPODE when there are many mucks around you.

After you defeat all of the mucks, a treasure chest will be spawned. After a brief cut-scene, you will be 
teleported out of the dungeon.

Elloquince - Savaron's Falls

After a brief cut-scene at the top of the mountain in the middle of the area, you will have to fight a strange
warrior named Orelle.

As hard as you try, you CANNOT kill him, so except your defeat:)

After you are defeated, some ending cut-scenes will start before the game ends


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