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Unison Ability System - This means that you can perform combination attacks with other members in your party, making the battles even more dynamic than before.

Last Resort System - These custom abilities can be performed by monsters, PC, and party members alike. Essentially, when the health drops down past a certain level (dependent on whoever is performing it), they can perform life saving abilities. Now, you cannot just rush into battle and try to kill that enemy that has low life. Party members will learn new L.R.'s as they level up.

Bonds of Battle - The concept of BOB is quite simple. The longer 2 allies fight alongside each other, the greater the bonds that forms between them. As this bond continues to grow, so too does the skill of both allies when they are fighting side by side. In game terms, whenever an enemy is killed by one ally, and the other ally landed at least one blow on them, if the 2 allies were near each other when the enemy died, BOB points are earned between the 2. Once certain tiers of points are achieved, specific abilities will be unlocked so that while the 2 allies fight near each other, they will be stronger.

Distinctive Development - Who doesn't like being able to control the progress of their party members? The main issue with "Rose Of Eternity" is that most of the skills are custom, and therefore, the default NWN engine doesn't have built in ways to upgrade them... Until now... DD points are accumulated whenever a party member levels up. With these points, they will be able to make various upgrades to certain skills they have.

Passive Abilities - These are abilities that are triggered automatically in combat after you have been fighting for a specific amount of time. PA's can be all sorts of types of skills, such as damage dealing, buffing, or healing.

Special Abilities - Special abilities are simply custom skills that can be used in the game. The user of these skills range from party members to enemies that you come across in the world.

Soundtrack - The entire score of the module is custom. This is to further separate this module from other ones. As I believe music is one of the top 3 aspects of module making, I have put a lot of time and effort in selecting the best songs that compliment this module (about 20% of total development time).

Multi - Branched Story - The entire story of The Rose Of Eternity is far  too in depth in terms of seeing things from one perspective.  That being said, depending on the character you play  the game with, you will get another branch of the story, or more specifically, see it from their point of view.  Those these different stories could be technically viewed as "separate modules", the stories intertwine too much to be released separately.

Epic Story & Characters - This story is full of interesting party members who are just as much of a part of the story as the main character. There will be plot twists, romance, intrigue, and many moral dilemmas to ponder. You will "actually" care about them, not just think of them as that person who stands in front of you while you cast spells.

Death System - When party members die, they will become ethereal, and will basically be inactive. They will not attempt to attack, and likewise, they will not be attacked.

Favor System - Do something good for an NPC, and perhaps they will favor you more, and do something for you later in your travels. There are multiple levels of "favor", and just because they did one thing for you, doesn't mean they won't do another thing again.

Alignment Shifts - There are various chances for you to change your alignment, which will affect how "some" people see you...

Custom Items - Throughout the module, custom items can be found that all have unique properties. These however aren't your  typical "custom" items.  These items will have custom scripted effect, not just simply adding a +2 to the end of it.

Item Upgrade System - With a combination of a caster, magic stone, and an item, the item can be upgraded to unlock custom unique properties.

Walkthrough - Having trouble finding some wolves iron?  Not sure if you found all of the quests in Aribine?  If so, then the walkthrough is for you.

Bestiary - This list contains every single enemy in the game, and talks of it's strengths and weaknesses, as well as strategies on how to defeat them


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