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There are no henchmen in this game.  Every ally that joins your team is a full fledged party member.  What this means is that they are as integral to the story as is the main PC.  Furthermore, each party member that joins your team has different custom abilities that separate them from everyone else.  All of the combat in the game has been designed around the assumption that people actually make use of every ability of the entire party.  A simple example is that of the ability, Whirlwind Heal.

There is also a standard way to change the way your party member acts, as well as the ability to have your party members use special abilities.  A brief example is shown below...

The following is shown when you simply talk to Clopon...

  1. [Cast Spell] //Any spell that she has can be cast on anyone in the party, even familiars, summoned pets, etc.

  2. [Summons] //Choose a summon to call forth in battle.

  3. [Last Resorts] //Choose a Last Resort that should be used in battle.

  4. [Actions] //Configure A.I. abilties (explained below).

  5. [Inquiry] //Ask questions, get to know her more, etc.

  6. [Stop Talking] //Self explanatory

Under the [Actions] node, you will find the following...

  1. [Follow Distance] //Choose between 2, 4, & 6 meters.

  2. [Death Handling] //(explained below).

  3. [Combat Reactions] // Choose between hand to hand/ranged combat

Under the [Death Handling] node, you will find the following...

  1. [Tonics Of Rebirth] // Choose if the party member should automatically use Tonics Of Rebirth when they die

  2. [Auto Revival] // Choose if the party member should automatically revive after waiting allotted time after death, or if they should wait for PC to explicitly tell them.

Lastly, at different parts in your journey's, your party members will have conversations with you, which result in them either favoring you more, or favoring you less (much like the Favor/Quest System ).  Remember this, because your party members will definitely remember, and there will be prices to pay when your party member doesn't favor you



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