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These are abilities that can be performed by any player/creature in the game. Essentially, these are attacks/abilities that can be performed after the user has dropped below a certain a percentage of health. Last Resorts can range from damage dealing, to buffing, to healing, to many other types of events. For example, when fighting Shinkara Worgs, once their health depletes below 25%, they can use "Mighty Howl". This will stun/deafen the last damager for short amount of time. Much like Unison Abilities, there are 2 types of Last Resort Abilities


Learn About Different Types Of Last Resorts

:: Enemy Last Resorts - For the most part, enemies who have Last Resorts will use them once their health is below 25%-30%. As there are wide assortments of enemies that you will encounter, so too will the Last Resorts they use on you. You will even encounter enemies that have 2 Last Resorts they can use, one at 50%, the other at 25%.

:: Party Member Last Resorts - These work exactly the same as Enemy Last Resorts. The difference here is that as your party members gain levels, they will learn new ones. Even more, you can set which one you want them to use in combat. So perhaps in 1 area, you would like your specific party member to use his/her damage dealing Last Resort, and then perhaps somewhere else, you want him/her to use a buffing one instead. Also, just like enemies, as your party members increase in level, you will be able to assign 2 Last Resorts to be used, one at 50%, the other at 25%

:: Player Last Resorts - These work very differently from your enemies and party members. With the latter, the abilities are automatically used when their health drops below a certain point. With the PC however, you explicitly use the Last Resort ability of your choice when your health drops below a certain point. For the PC, all Last Resorts are activated through the Unique Power of certain items. Usually, when using these items, their normal abilities will be unleashed. However, when used when in Last Resort mode, the power will be magnified



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