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Throughout the many areas of The Rose Of Eternity, you will find many custom items.  Not custom in the general terms of a +2 Longsword, though there are items like that, but custom as in unique scripts attached to the Unique Powers of them.  Below are some you will come across in the game: 

Sword Of Galladoran - This is a greatsword made out of the gold colored Galladoran ore.  Where it came from, no one knows, as no one has been able to find any Galladoran ore for 100 years. 

After a point in the game, this sword will be have a unique self only property added to it.  Once used, the ability Illumination will be unlocked.  When used, Illumination will stun the 4 nearest enemies within 5m of the person using it for 7 seconds.  Also, there are many creatures of Shinkara Forest that are allergic to the green light given off, and will run from it.

Possible Upgrades -

Increase number of enemies that can be stunned
Increase duration of stun time
Increase range of ability

Rose Of Courage This is a small rose made out of glass.  It's origins are unknown.

When used, the 5 nearest enemies will drop what they are doing and focus their attacks on the user.  This is good in situations when you need to get a powerful enemy off of a caster, or party member with low hit points.

Possible Upgrades -

Increase number of enemies that can be provoked
Increase duration of time enemy can be provoked
Increase range of ability

Leaping Boots These magical boots allow the wearer to jump extremely high in this sky, and then land on their enemies, inflicting great damage to them.

Bracers Of Galladoran These are a pair of bracers made out of Galladoran ore, much like the aforementioned Sword Of Galladoran.  When equipped, the PC will be able to perform whirlwind attacks.

Secondly, the strong gust of wind that is created will push any enemies caught in it back 10 meters. 

Possible Upgrades -

Increase distance enemies will be pushed back

Stramadonian Amulet Of Aura Healing This is a magic healing amulet made in Stramadon. It is given to those who take it upon themselves to be master to young apprentices. When worn, it will increase the amount of healing power the wearer possesses. 

In addition, whenever in combat, the wearer of this amulet as well as any members of their party within a certain range will regenerate hit points every 6 seconds.

Possible Upgrades -

Increase amount of healing power
Increase range of aura

Stramadonian Amulet Of Aura Damage This is a magical amulet given to all Stramadonian novices before they go through their trials.

While in combat, every 6 seconds, 5 enemies within 5 meters of the wearer will take damage equal to 2 points times the level of the wearer.

Possible Upgrades -

Increase amount of damage
Increase range of aura

Rose Of Eternity User's Manual This book will tell you what sort of special abilities each member of your party has, as well as a brief description of how to use it, and what it does.

In addition, it can set certain flags on yourself or party members, such as if they should use Tonics Of Rebirth automatically.


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