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"...I wake up in the morning surrounded by fog, and on bad days it feels like the fog is advancing, shrouding what little I *do* recall. I am half going out of my mind, clawing for even a shred of something recognizable, some clue to my identity, some anchor to a reality that I know must have existed but cannot touch or even see!"



All he can remember about his life is that he woke up in a strange town a couple days ago without knowing how, or why I was there. For some reason, the people kicked him out of the town. As he journeyed north from that town, he came upon a woman named Clopon who was being held against her own will by some men in red and gold cloaks. Not knowing why, he lunged into battle to protect her, but they were able to subdue him. Surprisingly, as they had their blade to his throat, a look of confusion came into their eyes, and they let him go, and ran off. Clopon however had blacked out, so he was forced to carry her to a small village named Aribine. 

Upon waking up, she cried as she thanked him for saving her life. She agreed to let him travel with her to a house owned by a man named Challseus. Though he wasn't sure if he could help with his amnesia, he realized he had to go with her. 

What he did know was that Clopon seemed to have been a person that was always in control. That being said, she was very bossy, and expected him to follow her every order. He didn't know what was worse, listening to her, or not remembering who he was.


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