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Chapter 1 | Chapter 2


**** Version - VERSION 1.7 | 11/06/06****


Plot locked some doors for the adventurous types who were snooping around in areas not intended for them until later phases in the game:)

**** Version - VERSION 1.6 | 10/22/06****


Increased damage over time damage from 5 to 10 points for Inferno Arrows.
Increased splash damage of Shrapnel Arrows from 10 to 15 points.


Put some defence code in to make sure Auden cannot give you his personal bow.
All NPC's are now properly cleaned up at the end of Clopon's favor cut-scene.
You can no longer leave Aribine for North Shinkara Forest or Eash Shinkara Forest until Raina joins your party.
If you do not stick up for Auden at Khal Rock, when he rejoins the party, all flags will be properly set on him, allowing you to level him, talk to him, etc.

**** Version - VERSION 1.5 | 10/21/06****


Added some in game hints to make the *X* marks the spot section even easier. One, Clopon will talk to Aramus about it when they get to that floor, and two, the crystals will stay visible longer.

**** Version - VERSION 1.4 | 10/18/06****


Auden's bow now has Mighty + 4 as a property, in my attempts to make him a bit stronger.
The Compound Precision Bow now has Mighty + 6 as a property.
Auden's armor is now lighter, with an AC magic bonus, to increase his DEX cap, in my attempts to make him a bit stronger.
Daishan Armor is now lighter, with an AC magic bonus, so the wearer has a greater DEX cap.


If you kill Daishan Assassins on other floors, the key will still be spawned on the last one you kill.
Aloia is now properly destroyed after a particular cut-scene.

**** Version - VERSION 1.3 | 10/16/06****


Put some defense code in to make sure Aramus is invisible during particular cut-scenes.
Journal is now updated when the party reaches the Fort Brigance.
Journal is now updated when the party reaches the Danue Mountains.
When the party receives Trinity Beam, Challseus gives a brief explanation of how to use it, in case the player forgets to check manual before next fight.
Put some defense code into cut-scene in Lord Montolio's house so that everyone is correctly transitioned at the end.
Put some defense code into cut-scene with Lord Montolio in Dematol to make sure he is properly transitioned at the end of it.
NPC's will now recognize Defender of Legacy armor that Aramus found in Chapter 1.

**** Version - VERSION 1.2 | 10/14/06****


Increased amount of time red crystals are visible from 18 to 36 seconds in the Dungeon of Summons puzzle, "X Marks The Spot"

**** Version - VERSION 1.1 | 10/13/06****


Added in game hints to Dungeon of Summons to make use of blue crystals a bit more clearer.

**** Version - VERSION 1.0 | 10/12/06****

First release!

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