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"...Knowledge is power...Believe in this, and succeed...Deny it, and perish..."



Like Clopon, Challseus is from Stramadon.  However, his powers lie in the arcane uses of wizardry.  Though he is quite old, he is not your typical **cough** Gandalf ** cough** wizard, as he does not have a lot of enlightening things to say, and isn’t the head of any councils in grand palaces.  On the contrary, he does not like to go to Stramadon, for reasons only known to him, and seems to be content living the simple life in a one-room cabin.  He has a fondness for reading, as well as writing books.

The one thing that has consumed the last 10 years of Challseus' life is the myth of the "Rose Of Eternity".

Special Abilities
:: Teleport
:: Brew Potions

Last Resorts
:: Stramadonian Fire
:: Mass Diminishment

Unison Abilities
:: Inferno
:: Trinity Beam

Passive Ability
:: Stramadonian Armor

Bonds of Battle Skills
:: Stramadonian Grace



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