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Danue Mountains - Overpass

After watching the opening cut-scene, proceed to the bridge. Once you are on the bridge, a lengthy dialog between Aramus and Challseus will occur.
After the dialog, you will be attacked by Stramadonian Seekers. Because the only people in your party will be Aramus and Challseus, make sure to do whatever is possible to keep them off of Challseus, such as Elicit with your Rose of Courage. They cannot be stunned, so do not waste your time using Illuminate.

At this point, STOP!!! Remember that Challseus gave you an item called Trinity Beam. With this, Aramus, Clopon, and Challseus will be able to use a 3 way Unison Ability which inflicts holy damage. Make sure to equip this, as it can come in handy in the next fight.

Cross the bridge, and make your way down the hill. Once you come around the turn, you will see Clopon, Auden, and Raina engaging 3 more Stramadonian Seekers. This will be a good chance to try out Trinity Beam. Go to the Unison Ability page for more information on how to use it.

Once you have defeated the 3 Stramadonian Seekers, a cut-scene will begin. After it is over, you will begin a fight with Kain.


Kain has a natural 90% immunity all types of damage, so don't just run in and try to kill him, as you will end up wasting tons of potions, and more importantly, time.

You must use Trinity Beam to strip him of this protection. However, he will only be stripped of it for a short amount of time, so make sure to get as many hits in as possible during this time.

One tactic to try is to use Illuminate on him right before you start up Trinity Beam. This should give you enough time to activate it before he starts attacking you again.

Repeat this tactic until he is "dead"...

After defeating Kain, another cut-scene will start up, and this time, you will have to fight him along with shadows of each of your party members.

Start the fight off with 2 doses of Antipode to damage all the shaodws at the same time. Likewise, while they are still alive, try to only focus on them, not on Kain. Use tactics like Illuminate & Whirlwind Push to effectively take him out of the fight .

Raina's and Clopon's shadows will be the easiest to take out, as they should run up to the front of the battle immediately. Auden's shadow will stay awat from the battle, and continue to pound you with arrows. Take him out after the first town shadows.

Next up is Challseus' shadow. Now, if you have a healthy supply of Tonics of Rebirth, take him head on. Do know that he will use Stramadonian Fire as a Last Resort, and it will kill you. If you do not, then let your party members finish him off.

Once you have Kain all by himself, use the same tactics you used earlier to take him. Once you have finally defeated him, pat yourself on the back:)


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