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Acquiring Leaping Boots

You must first defeat all opponents in the singles category of the arena. This will net you 2 Heart Stones.

With these 2 Heart Stones, make your way to the part of East Shinkara Forest you travel to before going to Khal Rock. Once there, go to the northwest section of it, and enter the Heart of the Boundary.

While in the Heart of the Boundary, you will fight the mighty Cornugon. This monster has many hitpoints, and even worse, if you cannot defeat it within 5 minutes, it will use Armageddon, which will wipe out your entire party, as well as fully healing it. In other words, bring sure you have your highest damage dealers with you...

Once the Cornugon is dead, take its head back to Chanden, the Knight of Dundalas who runs the arena in the Dematolians Ghetto.

With this item, you will ve given persmission to fight him in the arena. When you defeat him, the famed Leaping Boots will be yours!


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