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Dungeon Of Summons

***NOTE*** The first time you enter the dungeon, you will not be able to get to the 3rd floor right away. So, don't think you are missing anything when you can't get in. You will need at least 5 people in your party to get there, and you will get all of those party members later in the game.

Floor 1

When you enter, you will get a breif description of what to expect in the dungeon. If you have already read it, you can simply skip it.

From the main room, go northwest, and you will be in a room with a Spiked Devourer . After you defeat it, you will notice 2 red crystals, as well as a locked door. If you use the crystals, they will glow/activate. If you activate both of them, the door will becoming unlocked.

IMPORTANT - The activation of crystals is the key to this dungeon. Though it won't always be as easy as using them, most puzzles in this dungeon will involve them in some way, shape, or form.

Once you go through the door, you will see 2 unactiavted red crystals, as well as another Spiked Devourer . Once you kill it, a red crystal will spawn next to the other 2. Once you activate all 3, a Stramadonian Mapping Stone will be spawned back in the main room of the floor.

In the same room, you will notice a door that is locked, where you can see a treasure chest in the distance. Do not worry about this for now...

Head back to the main room. As you do, you will see the Stramadonian Mapping Stone . If you use this, the entire map for the 1st floor will be revelaed.

Now, head into the room northeast of the main room. In this room, you will find yet another Spiked Devourer , 4 unactiavted red crystals, and a locked door. Once you kill it, activate all 4 crystals. Bear in mind that some are hidden behind walls/pillars and such. Once you activate all 4 crystals, the door will be unlocked.

Once you go through the door, you will encounter the last Spiked Devourer of the floor. Once you kill it, a Stramadonian Treasure Finder will be spawned back in the main room. When you go back to the main room and activate it, you will notice 2 hidden treasure chests. Do not worry about those now, as you will not be able to get to any of them.

Now that you have spawned both Stramadonian Stones , you will be given access to the 2nd floor.

Floor 2

Once you enter this floor, you will be faced with a puzzle, that specifies that "X" marks the spot. Essentially, when you pull the various pull chains, some crystals will be spawned on a Tic Tac Toe looking board. The point is to pull the correct combination of pull chains to form an X. The trick is that after 6-12 seconds (I cannot remember the exact time), the crystals will disappear, so you must work quickly.

SPOILER TRICK - If you really can't figure it out, you can simply run around and pull every pull chain as fast as possible:) That will do the trick.
After you solve the puzzle, you will be able to enter the next room. In this room, you will 1st have to face off against 2 Spiked Devourers . Once you kill them, you will have to kill a Flaming Devourer . Make sure to run away before it performs it's Last Resort, as it is an area of effect fire damaging spell...

After you go through the next door, you will see 3 green crystals in front of you, as well as a locked door. If you stand in-between all of them, and use Illuminate , they will activate. Once they are activated, you will be able to go through the door.

When you go through this door, you will see 4 rec crystals. As you try to activate them, a statue will begin fire lasers at you. Just try to move as fast as possible, and you should be able to activate them all before dying. Once you do, you will get a notice that a green crystal was spawned. Do not worry about this for the time being...

When you come out of the previous room, make a right. You will now be in a large room, with a bridge, a Spiked Devourer , and a Flaming Devourer . Afrter you defeat them, you must run across the bridge to activate 3 more red crystals. You should tell your party members to hold their ground, and go yourself, as there will be 2 statues firing lasers at you. Once you activate those 3, another green crystal will be spawned. Again, do not worry about this for the time being...

Once you leave this room, continue to run straight, until you encounter a Flaming Devourer , and portal with white/blue flames around it. After you kill it, use the orb next to the portal. You will be asked to sacrifice a party member in order to go into the next room. Once you pick one, you can now teleport into the final room (for now...).

Once in the final room, you will encounter 2 Flaming Devourers . After you defeat them, activate the 2 red crystals on the throne. Once you do, another green crystal will be spawned. In the middle of the room, you should now see 6 green crystals in a circle (3 of them were spawned by yourself over the course of going through the 2nd floor). Now, stand in the middle of them, and use Illuminate . This will activate them, which will start the boss fight.

Floor 3

Main goal: To advance to level 4, you have to complete 4 different sub-stages in order to activate 4 holder transporters which will reveal 4 blue crystals which you must manipulate to enable teleport to level 4.

For each sub-stage, you can bring only ONE team member. Challseus gives you a nice little clue who to bring for each stage. Remember each team member has a specific colour to his or her name, and you should have a good idea who to bring. If not.. take your time to look at what is glowing around the teleporters...

Sub-Stage 1: The Archer Stage
Used: Auden

To complete this stage, you must destroy the fire statues in this room, revealing blue crystals which you manipulate. You should focus on the fire statues first, as the Shades do petty damage while the statues can take out your health in seconds. I also suggest putting your member on Stand Ground, to prevent he/she from being hurt by the statues..

To destroy the statues, I urge you to think about what spell the fire statues are casting on you, and use your newfound power in Stramadon to even the odds. After this, your party member and you should be able to take out the shades.

To manipulate the crystals, think about how you lighted up the green crystals, and recall that that ability now produces blue results. Connect the crystals, and your done.

Sub-Stage 2: Bone Devourers
Used: Challseus

First things off are 2 Bone Devourers.. These monsters are a real pain. Not only do they seem to be able to resist the stun effect of Illuminate, you do piddly little damage against them. Examine them, and you will realise the reason for the latter, as well as the way to kill them. Hope you brought the right member, as he will be doing most of the damage in this combat. Just try to keep them off him as he is not very strong..

After that, go towards the locked door, and if you chose correctly, your member will take out the door for you.

The next fight is against 2 Bone Devourers and 2 Flaming Devourers. We know the weakness of the Bones, don't we? Thus, focus on the flaming devourers, and let the explosion damage the Bones. Your member should hopefully be able to finish them off. If not there is a floor switch at the end of the hall which spawns Flaming Devourers..

After that grueling fight, you will notice 4 red crystals surrounded by yellow crystals at the end of the hall, along with the floor switch mentioned above. To remove the yellow crystals, lure the Flaming Devourer spawned by the switch to the crystal, then let it's Explosion do them in. Activate all 4 Red Crystals and you are on your way.

Sub-Stage 3: Hack 'N Slash
Used: Raina

Your objective is to defeat an Adamantine Golem, nothing more, nothing less. There's nothing much about this fight, just keep yourself alive with potions and hopefully you have the dice rolls to win this battle..

Sub-Stage 4: Undead
Used: Clopon

Activate the Rune Stone to start this stage. You will have to defeat 3 minor skeletons, followed by 2 skeleton warriors, followed by 1 giant skeleton. The minor skeletons are easy enough. For the skeleton warriors and giant skeleton, I used Elicitation + Whirlwind Heal. Why? Because the undead take damage from healing magic , thus they take damage whenever they get hit by my Whirlwind Heal..sadly however the need for this tactic was not stressed in the battle. Maybe Challseus could make it harder

With all Sub-Stages completed, you can now place 1 party member in each of the holder teleporters. This will activate the blue crystals which you can manipulate in the same way as in Sub-Stage 1 to enable Level 4. Take out your party members from the holders and make your way to Level 4.

Level 4:

You will first be facing 1 Stramadonian Summoner and her Aura Constituent. The Constituent has high amounts of HP and has several protective Aura's, so like in the earlier Summoner Battle at Level 2, I suggest focusing on the Summoner. Do not use up your Last Resort, as you will probably need it for the 2nd round of this battle..

After the Summoner is defeated, your mission becomes TWICE as hard: 2 Summoners and their Aura Constituents. Focus on them one at a time.. and when your Crimson Wrath activates or when a Summoner teleports to a location where your party can attack her at impunity.. stun her with Illuminate. Through perseverance and tactical judgement, this battle is not impossible.

After the final Summoner bites the dust, give yourself a pat on the back..and remember the blue crystals you saw somewhere on Level 1 and the yellows on Level 2.. and go claim your spoils

Final note: Using the Treasure Locator on Level 2 will reveal a waypoint saying treasure near the fire statues, but to reveal the chest you must destroy the fire statues. Trust me, it's worth it.

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