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When a user has the skill of summoning, they may call forth powerful allies to fight alongside of them. Some summons are inherently learned, while others must be defeated in combat in order to get use out of them.

Lesser Aqua Constituent

All summoners will inherently learn this as they gain experience at an early age. Though not strong in attack powers, these summons are a good diversion for enemies, so the summoner can cast other spells.

Medium Aqua Constituent

As summoners gain more levels, their Lesser Aqua Constituents will eventually evolve into these bigger ones. Besides having more hit points, these summons can perform Elicit in combat, making sure their master takes minimal hits from enemies.

Aura Constituent

This particular summon must be defated in combat before a summoner may call it forth in battle. This summon has minimal hit points, but has some devastating aura abilities that will activate randomly in combat every 18 seconds.

Aura Cure - Any allies within 3 meters of the summon will be healed 20 points.

Aura AC - Any allies within 3 meters of the summon will have their AC raised by 2 for 9 seconds.

Aura Frost - Any hostile enemies with 5 meters of the summon will take 30 points of cold damage.

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