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"...The Father Lord's power and love know no bounds, my friend. But you must reach out to him. He cannot take your hand if it is closed into a fist..."


Lord Montolio

He is the unofficial leader of the peoples living in Dematol.  Growing up in Lesaria, home of the Defenders Of Legacy, he was one of the 1st to migrate to Dantiras after the Lesarians allowed the Dematolians to leave.  Already a strong figure in the Dematolian community on the island of Lesaria, Lord Montolio's transition to public leader in Dantiras was smooth and easy.  He orchestrated the building of Dematol, and later, Aribine.  He is a a pacifist in the truest sense of the word, but lately, some of his followers have been taken by more radical ideas...








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