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"...In the perfect stillness of a chill winter night, I heard a song drifting upon the frigid air. I could not discern its source, for it seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere at once. I took up pen, ink and paper to try to capture it, for I could tell this was the Father Lord's response to my prayers. That song, we have now come to know as "Cry the Beloved". I...have often thought that it was the sound of our Father Lord's tears..."


Kira Allendry

She is the famed singing priestess of Dematol.  It is said that no one except the Keeper Of The Rose has a better voice.  Like Lord Montolio, she arrived in Dantiras shortly after the Lesarians allowed them to leave.  Although being extremely dedicated to her religion, and believing in the Keeper Of The Rose, Kira Allendry, like most Dematolians has been swayed by the ideas of more radical groups...








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