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"...This...*Father Lord*...can learn to forgive? Every sin that I have committed...can be forgotten?"


Castias Lyonars

Castias is a lieutenant with the Defenders Of Legacy, right underneath Adelas.  He is essentially Adelas’ right hand man.  He oversees the day-to-day operations in Dematol.  Unlike most Defenders Of Legacy, he has no hatred towards the Dematolians, and only does what he is ordered.  He is a man of great integrity who follows the orders of Adelas with the utmost loyalty, for reasons unknown to anyone but him and Adelas.  It just so happens that Adelas has him enforce the cruel laws that the Dematolian’s must follow.  It is rumored that Castias is the greatest swordsman in all of Dantiras.  And to compliment his melee skills, he has a strong knowledge of curative magic, which makes him a versatile enemy, if someone would ever be so brave as to go against him.




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