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This small town on the colony of Dantiras was recently founded by the Dematolians, who were tired of be persecuted for their religious beliefs.  Originally, they were forced out of Lesaria, the home of the Defenders Of Legacy.  After leaving, they came to the continent of Lesaria, and started a town named after their ethnic group, called Dematol. 

However, as time went on, the Defenders Of Legacy started eyeing their newly found town.  Slowly, they deployed troops to the area.  Eventually, they started to have more and more influence in Dematol, such as creating taxes, and enforcing curfews.  Again, out of desperation, some Dematolians moved away from Dematol, and founded Aribine.

Aribine itself is mainly a farming town, that also make some money by escorting back and forth through the dangerous north and south Shinkara Forest.  The town is relatively safe from the Defenders Of Legacy, for the time being...


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